According to GoOverseas, English teachers are in incredible demand in Spain[1]. That’s great news for native English speakers who’d like teach abroad. Spain is a great teaching destination as it is affordable, has a great climate and plenty of sights to explore.

Ashley taught in Valencia, Spain during the 2021/2022 program year!

In Spain there the demand is even higher for native English speakers. In job listings for English teachers, it is very common to see “looking for native speakers” or speakers with a “native level” of English. Moreover, the English academies often advertise that they have only “native teachers”. This means that the chances to find a job teaching English are even higher for native speakers. I’ve been told by Spaniards that this is because Spanish people do not trust other Spanish people to teach them English, maybe from bad experiences they’ve had in school.

If you’re not from the European Union, the process is not as easy as just applying for a job and moving to Spain. Moving abroad requires many bureaucratic procedures, and Spain is known for not making this easy. Here at RVF International we help you every step of the way, and we even guarantee you a job as a language assistants once you join the program. And the great news is, no you do not need a teaching degree or a certification in English! One of the requirements for our program is that you have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Diploma, but it does not need to be related to teaching in any way. If you do wish to strengthen your skills while in Spain, we can help you get TEFL/TESOL certified and even give you a discount on the programs. This might open more opportunities for you in the future. Moreover, we’ll help you with your VISA application and residency process both before and after arriving in Spain. Depending on what package you choose we also help with housing, opening a bank account and getting a Spanish phone number. 

Does this sound interesting for you? Contact our team today and we’ll answer any questions you might have about the program.