Teaching English overseas is a great opportunity to explore the world without emptying your wallet. Spain is a popular destination for travelers all around the globe, known for its rich culture, beautiful architecture, tasty food and pleasant climate. Teaching English abroad in Spain might be the perfect opportunity to travel in a more sustainable way and, more importantly, not have to sacrifice much from your salary.

What Factors Contribute to the Salary I Can Make Teaching English in Spain?

The potential salary of a person teaching English in Spain will, of course, depend on their level of education and experience. A public-school primary teacher earns about 36 000 USD a year, making Spanish teachers some of the highest paid worldwide[1] and making it more likely that your teaching English abroad salary will be one of the highest in the world. As a native speaker, and especially as a certified language teacher, you can work in private academies and give private lessons, which will earn you anything from 10-20 EUR/hour. It’s also good to know that Spain is a very affordable country. It is not difficult for an English teacher to make a good living in Spain. English teachers are also in high demand in Spain, making it the perfect opportunity for native speakers to make the move without expecting their teaching English abroad salary to dwindle over time.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Salary as an ESL Teacher in Spain

Are you thinking about teaching English in Andalucia, Madrid, or other Spanish countries? It’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience, immerse yourself in Spanish culture, and make a living. You may be in a completely different country, but money is still money, and managing it right is the best way to live comfortably! With a little bit of planning and effort, you can make the most out of your teaching English abroad salary and enjoy the glorious Spanish culture. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Research the Cost of Living in Your City

Before you start working, make sure you do your research on the cost of living in the city you will be working in. Generally, the cost of living in Spain is lower than in other European countries. However, this can vary depending on the city you’ll be based in, and knowing how much you need to spend on essentials like housing, groceries, and transportation will help you budget accordingly.

Choose Your Housing Wisely

One of the significant expenses you’ll face as an ESL teacher in Spain is housing. Finding an affordable place to live can be a significant challenge, especially in larger cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Consider sharing an apartment with roommates to save money on rent. Alternatively, consider living outside the city center where rent prices may be cheaper. Be mindful of additional expenses like utilities and internet costs and factor these into your budget.

Eat Like a Local

Eating out in Spain can be a pricey affair, especially in touristy areas. But did you know that many restaurants offer a “menu del día” (menu of the day) that includes a starter, a main course, dessert, and a drink for a reasonable price? This is an excellent option for a satisfying lunch on a budget. Additionally, Spanish supermarkets offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, so cooking your meals at home can also help you save money.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

Spain offers a wealth of free cultural and leisure activities, so make the most of them! From exploring the historic streets of Granada to taking a stroll through the Retiro park in Madrid, there are numerous free activities to enjoy. Check out local websites or social media pages to find events happening in the city you’re in and make the most of your teaching English abroad salary.

Teach English in Spain With RVF International!

If you’re someone who likes the idea of teaching abroad but does not have the education or experience, RVF International has you covered. We were awarded the best teach abroad program of 2021[2], and for good reason. We give native speakers a chance to share their linguistic skills by working as language assistants in Spanish primary, middle, and high schools. With our program, you’ll work 12-20 hours a week and make a teaching English abroad salary of 700-1000 EUR, enough to cover your expenses in Spain and to explore the country. And who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with teaching?

Participants will also gain experience teaching for a whole school year, strengthening their CV and providing a unique experience that compares to very few people. If you do wish to improve your teaching skills while in Spain, we can help you get TEFL/TESOL certified and even give you a discount on the programs. This can be the perfect opportunity to kick-start a meaningful and healthy career! What are you waiting for? Contact our team today, and we’ll help you fulfill your dream of teaching English overseas in Spain and help you make a decent living while at it!

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