Madrid skyline

Are you planning to travel and teach English in Spain? There isn’t much to debate when it comes to this decision.

Spain is one of the most sought-after teaching destinations in the world. If you’re interested in teaching in a country with some of the world’s best culinary dishes, historic sites, and a 4-day work week, then Spain is the place for you. 

RVF International is one of the leading teach abroad programs in Spain.

We’ve asked our friend Harrison Fowler, founder of RVF International and local resident expert, about everything one would need to know to move and work abroad in Spain and how to get started teaching English in Spain.

Here are the key takeaways we learned from Harrison:

  1. The first thing teachers discover when they move to Spain.
  2. The number one challenge ex-pats face when they start teaching in Spain.
  3. Where the most popular teaching destinations are, plus up-and-coming teaching destinations you’ll want to know about before everyone else discovers them.
  4. Work-life balance in Spain.
  5. The typical day and workweek for an English teacher in Spain.
  6. Whether people working in Spain get paid bi-monthly or monthly.
  7. The best ESL resources that you didn’t know about.
  8. Does RVF provide additional training to get teachers’ classroom ready? 
  9. Does RVF help with teachers moving abroad (ex: visas, housing, for dependents or spouses)?
  10. How COVID has affected teaching in Spain.

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