If you have a spouse and/or children, they will each be able to apply for a Dependent Visa so they can stay long-term in Spain with you. Dependent Visa’s are only issued to Spouses and/or Children, and are not available for engaged couples, dating couples or friends.

If you are engaged or dating, and you would like your fiancé/fiancée, boyfriend/girlfriend to come with you to Spain, they can either apply to the program if they are eligible, register for classes at a university in Spain or a Study Abroad program in Spain and receive a Student Visa that would allow them to stay in Spain for the duration of the course, or they can travel to Spain on a Tourist Visa that is only valid for 90-days out of a 180-day period before they would be required to leave Spain and the Schengen Zone.

Getting a long-term visa to Spain for a family member is straightforward as long as they are a spouse or a child. The process for a long-term visa for a fiancé/fiancée, boyfriend/girlfriend is less so and requires them to study at a university or travel to Spain for a maximum of 90-days every six months on a Tourist Visa.

RVF International does not assist with the visa process for children or for a family member, or a fiancé/fiancée, boyfriend/girlfriend who is not in the Teach Abroad program.