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Welcome to RVF International

RVF International bridges the gap between English speakers and Spanish natives, facilitating the discovery of marvelous languages that bring us together. Language holds a prominent position in our extraordinary world, and our programs strive to make teaching English in Aragón easier than ever before.

From signing up to bidding farewell to the community, we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the journey. In Aragón, you will have the opportunity to be an exceptional English teacher alongside caring colleagues who will help you create unforgettable memories. Need assistance with visas, residency, or improving your Spanish language skills to connect with the local community? We have you covered with supplementary courses and ongoing support throughout the program. Our comprehensive and flexible 120-hour course will equip you with the confidence to obtain your TEFL certification, and you can always rely on RVF International to provide unwavering support throughout your English teaching experience.

How to Teach English Abroad — Our Program Requirements

Must hold a passport from one of the following countries:

U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Must hold at least an associate's or bachelor’s degree

Please note that those applying from Australia and New Zealand must hold, or obtain before the program begins, a Bachelor’s Degree in order to be eligible to teach English internationally.

Must have an adventurous and independent spirit up for the experience of a lifetime

Teaching English abroad is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you enjoy it! Come in with a free spirit and relish the benefits of being an English teacher overseas!

No prior teaching experience is required!

How RVF International Sets the Foundation for a Seamless Transition to Teaching English in Aragón

Discover the unparalleled English teaching programs offered at RVF International. Our programs are a testament to our commitment and enthusiasm, and we do our best to support all program attendees as much as possible. With personalized guidance, legal support, and immersive opportunities, we create a customized experience while teaching English in Aragón schools that everyone can enjoy. Explore how we streamline your time in Spain and embark on an enriching journey with us.

  • School Assignment fully managed by Regional Authorities*.
  • Four-day work week in most regions (Typically Monday or Fridays free).
  • Work between 12 – 14 hours per week in smaller regions such as Extremadura or La Rioja, and between 16 – 20 hours per week in larger areas such as Madrid or Valencia.
  • Monthly stipend between €800EUR to €1000EUR depending on the region (don’t worry, the stipend will be equivalent to a very competitive Spanish salary, and you also won’t be paying income tax on what you’re paid!).
  • Free private health insurance is guaranteed by the regional government where you’ll be teaching.
  • Personalized Support with the Entirety of Visa Process.
  • Personalized Support with the Entirety of Required Spanish Legal Residency Process.
  • Personalized Support with All Required Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving in Spain.
  • Continued support for everyday practical matters and life questions while teaching in Spain.
  • Cultural Immersion opportunities and travel excursions throughout Spain.
  • Want to teach again for a back-to-back second year? No problem!
  • Access to an amazing GroupMe community of fellow adventurers going to Spain with you.

*It is likely program participants will receive a school assignment in one of their region placement preferences, although it cannot be guaranteed. Nor can placement in specific cities within the region, the size of the city, the number of schools, or school type (Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School) be guaranteed. Although these requests are often accommodated, it is not something that can ever be guaranteed.

We encourage everyone to approach the placement process with patience and an open mind. Spain is a uniquely beautiful country with so much to offer, in regions and cities both large and small!
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Benefits of Teaching English in Aragón

Teaching English in Aragón provides plenty of advantages you may not see coming. After all, you’ll be in a whole new world and environment! Teaching abroad is a unique experience that not many can say they have had the privilege of experiencing. But by becoming an English teacher in Aragón, you can gather experience in a foreign culture that changes your life forever.

Explore Europe With Ease

Traveling around Europe is sometimes just a train ride away! Explore the streets of Aragón, or visit countries like France or Portugal without having to fork over the price of a plane ticket.

Make Lifelong Connections

When teaching English in Aragón, you’ll make connections with some of the best people in the country and our program. You can build friendships worldwide, meet interesting and like-minded people that can provide different perspectives on topics you enjoy, or open your eye to fascinating realities you never thought possible.

Discover More About Yourself Than You Ever Thought Possible

Teach in Aragón programs provide an experience like none other, which means you’ll be pushing the limits of what you can do. It’s the perfect chance to discover your true self, a passion for teaching, or a love for learning new things. You can set the foundation for an amazing career.

Make a Positive Impact on the Lives of Hundreds of Others

Teaching English in Aragón is a life-changing experience for hundreds of students. Learning English can open up many doors and opportunities and make it more possible for students to achieve their goals. And you’ll be at the forefront of those developments and leave a long-lasting impact on every student.

Learn a New Language!

Learning Spanish is much easier when living in a country where that’s the primary language. You’ll be navigating English sentences and Spanish paragraphs and performing translation exercises that teach you a thing or two along the way.

Enjoy Life in Aragón While Teaching English

Aragón, a region in northeastern Spain, is steeped in rich history, with impressive architecture and a unique culture that fascinates both locals and visitors alike. The region is known for its sweeping landscapes, delicious cuisine, and colorful ambiance, reflecting its rich cultural heritage and modern outlook. From the Pyrenees to the Ebro Valley, Aragón boasts a vibrant and diverse culture that will leave you awestruck!


The Aragonese people are warm and welcoming. Their love for tradition and their beautiful region is palpable, making visitors feel right at home. The region’s cultural heritage is heavily influenced by its past, which includes Roman and Islamic periods, manifesting in its magnificent architecture, peaceful monasteries, and charming villages. The region is also home to many festivals and events that celebrate everything from medieval days of chivalry to avant-garde arts.


In Aragón, you will also find the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The region has become an emerging destination for adventure sports and outdoor activities that have attracted travelers from around the world. The region offers horse riding, hiking, skiing, and many other activities that involve a deep connection with the natural environment.


Given its fascinating and rich culture, there is no better place to teach English than Aragón, where you will experience a deep appreciation for learning and the beauty of culture. By teaching in this region, you will not only get a chance to immerse yourself in its unique culture, but you will also develop lifelong relationships with locals who value the importance of education and will appreciate your presence and sacrifice. Aragón offers an unforgettable experience that everyone would enjoy.

Get Answers to All Your Questions About Our Teaching English in Aragón Program!

Teaching English in Aragón, Spain, is an exciting adventure, and good preparation can make all the difference. Start by brushing up on your Spanish; you don’t need to be fluent, but knowing basic phrases will help you connect with locals. Consider taking a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course if you haven’t already. This will not only boost your teaching skills but also enhance your resume.

Research the culture and traditions of Aragón. Understanding local customs will help you adapt more easily and show respect to your new community. Packing smart is also crucial—bring professional attire for teaching, comfortable clothes for exploring, and any personal items that might be hard to find in Spain.

Financial preparation is equally important. Make sure to save enough money to cover your initial expenses, such as accommodation and food, until you receive your first paycheck. You should also inform your bank about your move to avoid any issues with accessing your funds abroad. These steps will prepare you for your new and exciting adventure in Spain!

Programs for teaching English in Spain, including those in Aragón, can be competitive but highly rewarding. Demand often fluctuates based on several factors, such as the time of year, economic conditions, and educational policies. Generally, there’s a steady need for English teachers due to Spain’s commitment to improving language skills among its students.

While placements can be competitive, especially in popular regions, your qualifications can set you apart. A bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification are typically minimum requirements. Having prior teaching experience or specialized skills, like knowledge of Spanish, can further strengthen your application. It’s also beneficial to apply early. Many programs have deadlines months before the start date, so staying ahead of the timeline increases your chances.

Deciding if teaching English in Aragón is right for you depends on several personal and professional factors. First, consider your passion for teaching and working with students. Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and seeing others grow? If yes, this job could be very fulfilling for you.

Think about your adaptability. Living in a foreign country comes with its challenges — cultural differences, language barriers, and homesickness. Are you open to new experiences and willing to step out of your comfort zone? Being flexible and open-minded will help you thrive in this role.

Another aspect to consider is your career goals. Teaching abroad can enhance your resume, offering valuable international experience and language skills that are attractive to many employers. It’s also an excellent opportunity for personal growth, building independence, and gaining a global perspective.

Evaluate your financial situation as well. While teaching in Spain provides a stable income, you should be prepared for initial costs and fluctuations in living expenses. It’s a unique opportunity that offers invaluable life experiences, but it’s important to make sure you’re financially ready for the transition.

A typical day teaching English in Aragón is both structured and varied, giving you a balanced experience of work and leisure. Your day often starts early, with lessons scheduled in the morning. Classes may run for a few hours, and you may even be part of exciting after-school or language exchange initiatives focusing on different age groups, depending on your placement. Evenings are your time to explore. You can immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant social scene of Aragón, whether it’s enjoying tapas at a local bar, visiting historic sites, or participating in community events. Weekends are often free, allowing for travel to nearby cities or relaxation.

Teach English in Aragón and Enjoy an Experience Like None Other

Don’t miss the opportunity to teach English in Aragón schools and transform your life in extraordinary ways! Experience the joy of connecting with incredible people and forging lifelong friendships that will propel your career forward. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, push your boundaries, and realize your dreams while immersing yourself in an unforgettable cultural adventure. Throughout it all, you can rely on RVF International to support you every step of the way!

Start your life-changing teaching adventure today and witness the profound impact of teaching English in Aragón. Explore our diverse range of teaching packages to find the perfect fit for your budget, or schedule a complimentary video chat with us to discover how teaching English can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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