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RVF International is where your journey to teaching excellence begins! Our TEFL courses are specifically designed to transform passionate learners like you into world-class educators. We believe in the power of education to change lives, and we want you to be part of that change.

Our comprehensive TEFL courses go beyond just a certification. They’re your gateway to a rewarding career in teaching English, whether you choose to inspire students in exotic overseas classrooms or connect with them in the digital realm from the comfort of your home.

With our well-crafted modules, expert instructors, and a supportive community of successful graduates, you’ll feel comfortable stepping into the global network of educators just like you!

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The Core Modules of Our TEFL Courses

Our modules cover it all, from mastering the nuances of English grammar to understanding the unique needs of young learners. Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling, classroom management, and more, and understand its impact on learning English. Our 11 comprehensive modules will allow you to evolve into an inspiring educator who can make a real difference in students’ lives. Dive in, and let’s reshape the future of education together!

Module 1: Introduction to English Language Teaching

Starting with a solid foundation, this module provides an essential introduction to English language teaching. It includes a thorough exploration of ELT methods and approaches, L1 and L2 learning, as well as effective L2 learning strategies. This is your first step towards understanding the intricacies of teaching English as a foreign language.

Module 2: Grammar Teaching

Delve into the art of teaching grammar in our second module. Here, we cover the importance of metalanguage, comprehensible communication, and acceptability. You’ll also explore the nine-word classes and the twelve verb tenses, crucial components in mastering English grammar instruction.

Module 3: Essential Skills for EFL Teachers

This module focuses on the professional standards for EFL teachers. You’ll learn about the concept of a growth mindset, understand learner and teacher expectations, and discover the basics of lesson planning. Equip yourself with the skills that make an exceptional EFL teacher.

Module 4: Motivation and Learner Preferences

Understanding your students is vital to effective teaching. In this module, you’ll learn about motivation and its essential elements, the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, influencing learner motivation, and the VAK Learner Preferences Questionnaire.

Module 5: English Grammar Overview

This comprehensive module provides a deeper look at English grammar, including similarities and differences with other languages, effective grammar presentations, and reliable reference materials. Get ready to deepen your knowledge of the English language.

Module 6: Challenging Elements of the English Language

In this module, we tackle phonological and phonemic awareness, lexis and its importance, selecting and presenting vocabulary, and the appropriateness of language and cultural contextualization. Prepare to navigate the challenging aspects of English with confidence.

Module 7: Teaching Skills 

Sharpen your teaching skills with this module. It covers teaching listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills and explains how to use the 5-step lesson plan to structure your lessons effectively.

Module 8: Lesson Planning and Lesson Delivery

In this pivotal module, you’ll delve into the most crucial teaching skill: lesson planning and delivery. We’ll guide you through setting clear objectives and goals, understanding the purpose and principles of lesson planning, and mastering the 5-Step Lesson Plan. Learn how to implement controlled and uncontrolled exercises and activities effectively and adapt your lesson plan in real-time.

Module 9: Essential Teaching Skills in Everyday Teaching

Module 9 of our TEFL course is your guide to mastering essential teaching skills for everyday practice. Understand the art of creating an effective learning environment, including strategies for organizing and controlling your classroom. Gain specialized knowledge in teaching young learners and learn about diverse assessment methods, including self- and peer-assessment, portfolios, project work, and dialogue journals.

Module 10: Classroom Management

This module teaches you about effective classroom management, setting up your classroom, positive reinforcement, teaching young learners, and providing feedback and correction. Master the art of managing a classroom and providing constructive feedback to help your students.

Module 11: Teaching Young Learners

Young learners require a unique approach to teaching. This module focuses on teaching young learners, covering the key differences between younger and older learners, teaching grammar and lexis, and assessing young learners.

Embrace a World of Teaching Opportunities with Our TEFL Courses

The world of English teaching awaits you, and there’s no better time than now to equip yourself with the skills to make a difference in countless lives. Our TEFL courses provide you with an understanding of teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, and innovative lesson-planning strategies to ensure your success in the classroom.

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