I felt very overwhelmed, frustrated, and wondered if coming to Spain was even worth the headache. A friend recommended that I reach out to RVF International and I am so thankful I did. RVF guided me through the aspects of my move to Spain that were causing a lot of anxiety. They quickly responded to my emails, answered any questions I had via a Skype call, and sent additional step by step resources to help me transition to living in Spain for a year. Even though I speak fluent Spanish and have spent a lot of time traveling abroad, working with RVF gave me the peace of mind and confidence along with the resources I needed to make this transition as smooth as possible.”





RVF International was extremely helpful. They always responded to emails in a timely manner, they made the application process less stressful by giving detailed instructions, and they provided a handful of resources for all aspects of post application (housing, phone/internet, flights, etc). If you have any doubts regarding the application or housing or really any part of the entire process/experience, I strongly recommend using RVF. It will make everything much easier for you! I was very happy!”





I have been teaching and living in Ronda Andalusia for 3 months, with 5 or 6 months left, and I am extremely happy here. The director of RVF International is someone that I have known for a long time and is a very genuine guy. I enlisted his company to help me smoothly transition to Spain. They helped me to organize everything, schedule appointments, get the Visa process done efficiently, and even gave me extra support and options when I ran into some trouble with the process. The high school I work at is amazing and the kids are a lot of fun. I've also had weekends and time to travel some around Spain/Europe. I recommend teaching in Spain and recommend getting that extra help from RVF International!”





I had a great year teaching and it was definitely because RVF International prepared me well beforehand. All the paperwork was laid out and easy to follow and someone was always there to help me.
I always felt very secure and confident about moving across the world as RVF throughly answered everything thoroughly and quickly.
Love them so much! Iʼd use them again and again and again!! Thank you!
Iʼm jealous yʼall get to start from Step One with Harrison, it was such a great, exciting experience!”

Meghan Massey