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Getting a teaching certificate might be the right fit for people who enjoy traveling and like experiencing new cultures. Teaching can be very fulfilling when paired with a teach abroad program. What is more, teaching overseas can be the most sustainable way to travel for a long period of time and avoid going broke!

EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching abroad can be the most effective way of doing that, either for different schools or language programs. Many of the teaching abroad agencies look for candidates with a TEFL certificate. Once you obtain this certificate, a world of possibilities will open for you!

Advantages of Getting a TEFL Certificate

There are three main advantages of getting a TEFL certificate.

  1. Start getting experience in EFL teaching by being TEFL certified: Many online companies will want you to be part of their team of international teachers. This could be a great way to start getting experience to prepare for a teach abroad program. Starting teaching online can be less intimidating.
  2. You can find hundreds of teach abroad programs: Many teach abroad programs will force you to have a TEFL certificate to be able to apply and go overseas! If teaching abroad is a dream of yours, we recommend doing this as this will give you more options.
  3. You can get many more students: Many students look for teachers or tutors who have credentials in teaching. They don’t necessarily want someone with a lot of degrees, but at least with some competencies that are reflected in a certificate like the TEFL one. In the world of EFL teaching, this will cause a great impression on parents or students.

Where can you obtain a TEFL certificate?

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What are you waiting for?

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